Wood Street - The Damson Ride:

This is a 4-mile circular ride of about one hour’s duration starting and finishing at Wood Street green. Parking for trailers can usually be found towards the south-west corner of the green (labelled A on the map).

There is no real road work involved. Note that the section of the ride from B to D is on private land, for the use of which the WDBA was granted permission several years ago. It is important, therefore, to adhere to the route shown on the map in order to maintain the good will of the land owners.

  • Go around the southern edge of the green and along Pound Lane, stepping over the metal gate at the far end and immediately turning left along the meandering track through the woods.
    Go over the wooden bridge; continue uphill through more woodland to reach the top at Pinks Hill Drive.

  • Turn right over the railway bridge, then right and immediately left, going downhill along the bridleway.

  • At the staggered cross-roads on the track, go straight on to follow the bridleway, riding along the very edge of a farmer’s field.

  • At the end of this field (marked B) turn right off the bridleway onto the track going across the field towards the gateway in the opposite corner (as there is often a crop in the field, stay in single file to minimise damage and do not ride around the edge of the field which is designated for conservation purposes).

  • At the gateway go down the well-defined track and eventually straight on along West Flexford Lane, a roughly made up road. Along here in early autumn you may spot damson trees on the right-hand side, which is why we call it The Damson Ride.

  • After about a mile, take the track on the right where the now-disused Wanborough Youth House is.

  • At the wooden bridge (labelled C) cross with care to bring yourself onto a narrow track high up through the trees (beware of roots), running parallel to the stream and footpath below. Do not go into the field on the other side of the trees, but continue along the track to the end (labelled D) next to the brick arch under the railway.

  • Go under the railway arch and then follow the made up track, taking the right fork at the top of the hill. This track takes you past Passengers Farm and, eventually, the cricket pitch, to the end of White Hart Lane which leads back to the green where you started from.

Map for the Damson Ride