Ash Green Ride:

The ride is about 4 miles long and will take around an hour.

The ride can be started at any point, however our description of the ride begins in South Lane, Ash.

  • Proceed along the old railway track towards Ash Green, passing under one bridge (under White Lane). There are some small steps on the left almost at the end of the path. Take these steps and proceed to the top. In the summer, turn right and follow for 50 yards before turning left onto another narrow lane leading to a bridleway. In the winter, to avoid the mud, turn left and follow along Drovers Way before turning right onto Ash Green Road. Both routes join onto Ash Green Road, turn right and follow road along and over the railway bridge. You are now on the country lane (Harpers Road) and this can be busy in rush hour, so hi-viz jackets are a must. Pass East Wyke and West Wyke farms on the hill.

  • Shortly after, turn right onto an unmade road turning into a bridleway. This is a long bridleway, ideal for trotting or cantering. Pass fields of horses on the right. You will come to a gate at the end of the path which leads out onto Westwood Lane.

  • Turn right and follow the main road for 100 yards, passing under the railway bridge. After the bridge, immediately turn right into Beech Lane, follow to the end and proceed onto another bridleway. This path goes up hill and bends to the left, eventually linking up with Pound Farm on the left. There is another bridleway here, turn left onto it.

  • This bridleway eventually joins Ash Green Lane East. Cross over Whites Lane into Ash Green Lane West and follow into last bridleway. This path will eventually link up with your start point in South Lane.